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Friday, August 04, 2006

Having consider about it for sometime,
I have decided to move my blog to MULTIPLY.
My new blog address is now

Monday, July 31, 2006

Sunday, July 30, 2006

After Paulina left, I immediately went inside. Hendi & Shasa were already there but there was no sign of Mbak Ama.
So I ordered myself Thai Ice Tea and just chatted with Hendi & Shasa.
The drink looked good but unfortunately it didn’t taste as good as it looked. Just imagine mixing tea with milk…yuck!
About an hour later Mbak Ama showed up with her husband & soon we all engaged in friendly chat while watching Formula 1 Race on the big screen TV.
I missed hanging out with them so much. When we were still working in the same office, we frequently went out together. Ever since they resigned from the office and moved out to different companies, we didn’t get to see much of each other.
We stayed there until 11 pm and then went home. Sadly, after I got home, I felt that the flu came back. *sigh*

Part 2 - End

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Paulina came to my place at exactly 5pm to go to church, St. Francis Xavier Church in Kuta, together. While I was getting ready to go, Hendi called me and said that he would pick me at 6.30 pm to Buddha’s Belly to meet with Mbak Ama.
Mbak Ama used to be my colleague but she has moved to work in Yogyakarta.
I was surprised to hear that Mbak Ama was here coz I chatted with her last Friday & she didn’t say anything about coming to Bali.
Since I was ready to go to church, I told Hendi that I would meet them at Buddha’s Belly after church around 7.30 pm instead, and he agreed.
So Paulina & I rushed to the church. The mass was great and after the mass, we stopped by a warung (street vendor) in front of Supernova Supermarket in Kuta to have dinner coz we were starving.
We ate Nasi Pedas which was delicious & very hot becoz of the sambal (chili sauce). The warung was crowded, apparently many people like the cooking despite the taste of the sambal which was exceptionally hot.
It was cheap also, only Rp. 6.000,- per portion (rice, shredded chicken & meat, fried chicken & sambal).
We finished the meal in no time and then rushed to Buddha’s Belly which wasn’t that far.
She dropped me off there and went home. She didn’t want to join us because she was tired and wanted to sleep early.

Part 1

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Saturday, July 29th 2006

Saturday was supposed to be my day off but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling so good.
I had a cold. I had a running nose & headache…arrrgghh…so annoying. I hate being sick.
So I decided to stay in my room the whole day, just watching DVD and resting.
Around 2 pm, just when I was about to take a nap, I heard this ‘Balinese Gamelan’ music in the cemetery just at the back of my room.
Yes, the back at my boarding house is a Balinese Cemetery.
It’s a bit creepy at night coz the cemetery is very dark with shadows of big trees but I’m used to it now.
In the morning, children like to play there and also in the afternoon, guys like to play football there. So it’s not as scary as people would think of it.
Anyway, when I heard of it, I immediately realized that there would be a Ngaben Ceremony (Balinese Cremation Ceremony).
Ngaben is a Balinese/Hindunese cremation ritual and it is very interesting to watch coz it is like a feast where the family of the deceased gather together to cremate the body.
The body is placed inside a decorated wooden house (cremation tower) and then they are burned together and the ashes are thrown in the sea.
The Balinese / Hindunese believe that cremation will liberate the soul of the deceased into the heaven.
It’s a big ceremony and usually cost a lot of money.
So, I immediately grabbed my camera & went out of my room to take a few shots. I was a little bit bored also being in the room all day.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Today is my friend (office mate), Linda, working in the office. I’m happy for her, happy coz she found a new job & hopefully a better place to work. But I’m also sad, sad coz I’m losing a good friend in the office, someone I can talk to when I have a bad day in the office.
You know what, I used to have many friends in this office but they all have moved out to other companies.
The funny thing is, when I first joined this company, I didn’t think that I would make any friends in the office at all.
I said to myself that I came here to make money and not to make friends, but it turned up that I actually made friends.
Anyway, good luck Linda. Wishing you all the best and I will surely miss u!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Test: empat ekor cacing di tempatkan dalam empat buah botol.

cacing 1 dalam botol berisi alkohol
cacing 2 dalam botol berisi asap rokok
cacing 3 dalam botol berisi cairan sperma
cacing 4 dalam botol isi tanah

satu hari kemudian :
cacing 1 dalam botol berisi alkohol - mati
cacing 2 dalam botol berisi asap rokok - mati juga
cacing 3 dalam botol berisi cairan sperma - apalagi, mati tanpa ampun
cacing 4 dalam botol isi tanah - miracle, hidup sehat walafiat

kesimpulan dari percobaan ini adalah : selama kamu banyak minum minuman keras , banyak merokok dan banyak sex dijamin tidak akan cacingan!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

About a couple of months ago, my officemate, Yanuar, informed me that Putu Ebo, a famous & talented young cartoonist in Bali, had made a limited offer for 15 persons only to have their pictures converted into cartoon (caricature)...for FREE!!!!
Yes people...FOR FREE!!!
So I immediately sent my picture to his email, hoping that I could still make it to that 15 persons list.
For your information, Putu Ebo is the creator of Bali Cartoon Magazine called Bog-Bog (
Not only that he’s a talented cartoonist, he is also a talented musician.
I don’t know him personally but from his blogs & art works, I can tell that he is a very talented, smart & generous person.
I met him twice when I was in Centro with my friends and he was with girlfriend, Herbie.
The second time I met him was July last year in AJ Hackett Bungy during the hand over of Rotaract Bali Sanur.
Anyway, after a long & impatient wait, finally I got the news from Yanuar this morning, saying that the cartoon faces were done.
So I immediately clicked on the website
And…voila! Hehehehe….
Nice, isn’t it? Can you tell that it was me?? Hehehehe….
Thanks a lot Bli Ebo….nice work! Keep up!

Finally, got the hotel for my sis & her husband on 17th of Aug, 2006.
The room is cheap, clean, big, in a nice & quiet neighborhood, just near my boarding house.
The name of the hotel is PURI ANYAR, in Jl. Merbabu no.10, Denpasar, phone no. 0361 – 7454283.
Actually it’s a compound of boarding houses…expensive one.
The room rates range at Rp. 700.000,- to 1.800.000,-/month.
The rooms have kitchen, bath up with running hot/cold water, TV and also air conditioner.
I went there last nite with Robby, with my finger crossed, hoping that they would let me rent the room for just 1 nite.
Fortunately, they have vacant rooms, so they let me rent it for 1 nite, for only Rp. 150.000,-/nite (no breakfast).
I paid for the room fully, immediately.
I mean…come on, that was like the best deal I’ve had so far, I surely wouldn’t want to miss.
Thanks to Linda who asked me to accompany her there last month when she went looking for a boarding house.
And thank God, of course.:)
I’m satisfied, looks like everything is well prepared now.
Hopefully everything will go well. Can’t wait to meet my family.

Monday, July 24, 2006


What is a dream actually…??
Well, the dictionary says that a dream is a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep.
Surely such a sophisticated definition that is hard for me to comprehend.
Well, I guess that is how the experts define the word ‘a dream’..they know better, right?
Anyway, I dreamt about him last nite…Jean Valjean.
I remember it so clearly…my dream.
I remember walking alone in this cold night, it was quiet and dark.
As walked down the empty street with this dim light of street lamp, from distant I saw this figure walking towards me, but I couldn’t see his face.
As he got closer, I started to recognize him, from his figure, the clothes he was wearing and the way he walked. I knew it instantly that it was him.
I stopped under the street light and he walked closer. And there he was, standing in front of me.
I haven’t seen him in quite some time now, but he looked exactly like I have always remembered him.
He asked me for direction, I showed him and then he just walked away without saying another word.
I stood there watching his back as he walked away and vanished into thin air.
When I woke, I couldn’t help but thinking about it.
I kept asking myself..”How is it possible?”.
I found it strange coz I haven’t thought about him for some time now and that I have came to the point where I was sure that leaving him was the right thing to do.
I came to believe that he was not my future and that he was not the one for me.
I could no longer picture myself being with him, anywhere in the future.
It was just too impossible.
Now, I had this dream and I don’t know how to explain it to myself what it meant.
Do I subconsciously still thinking about him?
Suddenly I felt pathetic…

“Dreams are the answers to questions that we haven't yet figured out how to ask.”
Fox Mulder Quotes

Thursday, July 20, 2006

One the coolest things about living in Bali is that you can get to meet celebrities, well…mostly are Indonesian celebrities.
I met Ello and one of the members of a group named Tangga (don’t know his name), while walking around Kuta.
I also met Sari Koeswoyo who was once very famous in her early age as a singer and actress, while eating Bakwan in Bakwan Surabaya, Denpasar.
On another occasion, I met Ferry Irawan while shopping in Centro.
Also, when I was having dinner in Warung Italia about a month ago, I met another Ferry (don’t know his last name), one of the members of a boyband called Coboy who was once very famous when I was still in high school.
When I ran across celebrities, I usually just stayed calm and pretended like they were just ordinary people.
So I was never like got over excited, took my pic with that famous person or anything like that.
I guess it’s just not my nature.
However, the most impressing celebrity-meeting moment for me was when I accidentally met David Blaine in DreamLand.
Yeah…you would probably said…David who???
David Blaine is a famous street magician in the US and I’ve seen him many times on TV. His performances were always impressive coz he did it on the street, with the people he met on the street…just like that.
His acts might not be as spectacular as David Copperfield’s, that’s why he is less famous, but then again, I think he’s doing something more realistic, that’s why he’s so impressive.
About 2 weeks ago, I went to DreamLand with some of my friends.
I was always afraid of swimming on the beach that was why I decided to sit on the beach chair under the shade of a big umbrella while watching my friends went swimming.
The wave was pretty big and it gave me another good reason not to swim.
It’s not that I can’t or don’t like to swim coz I can swim and I do like going swimming but only in the swimming pool and not on the beach.
While I was enjoying myself, I saw this guy with his friends, sitting on the beach chair just about 1 meter away from where I sat.
He face looked like he came from middle east country and as looked at him, I had this weird sense.
His eyes were sharp, dark and mysterious but he was strangely good looking.
Another thing that I couldn’t help but noticed was the tattoos that he had on his body.
However, the tattoo that really got to me was the big cross tattoo on his back.
It wasn’t only big but also beautiful & skillfully done.
So I dared myself and decided to approach him and asked if I was allowed to take picture of the tattoo on his back, saying that it was very beautiful.
At that time, he was about to put on his T-shirt.
He didn’t say a word, just looked at me with his sharp eyes, turned his back and lifted his t-shirt and showed me his tattoo.
And so I took the pic, quickly said thank you and got back to my chair and to my friends who were just finished from swimming.
A few minutes after that, he & his friends left.
Just as he walked away, one of my friends said….”Oh shit, isn’t that David Blaine??”
I was like gasping for air and couldn’t believe myself…no wonder he looked so familiar?
I was speechless for a moment but then thankful for having the chance to take the pic of his tattoo.
David Blaine….I love yooouuuuu!!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I’ve been searching for information of guesthouse or home stay in Denpasar area, on the internet for days, for my sister & her husband who are coming to visit me next month, with no luck.
I have made number of search using google and went through all the websites linked to it one by one, but after several of days now, I think it’s time to quit.
Apparently there are no satisfying adequate information on guest house and home stay in Denpasar area.
I am sure this absence of information is not because there are no guest house / home stay in Denpasar area, but I think it is simply because nobody feels necessary to put such kind of information on the internet, including the owner of the guest houses/home stays themselves.
On the contrary, huge numbers of lists of guest house / home stay in other part of Bali, such as Kuta, Legian, Ubud, etc...can easily be found on the internet.
To be honest, I feel kind of desperate right now coz now I can picture myself having to go from one guest house to another to check the room rate & availability.
I believe this is would be time & energy consuming…*sighing*
But..what choices do I have?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I had a meeting with Andi & Hendi last night at this little restaurant or so-called café in Waturenggong called Waroengkoe.

I first heard about that little café from Mayne, one of my office mates and she said that food was okay, the price was cheap and the place was nice.

At first I wanted to have the meeting in circle K kerobokan, the place where me and my friends like to hang out.

So circle K in kerobokan has this small section called Coffee To Go where they sell various sandwiches, coffee, hotdog, cookies, pastry, cakes and milkshakes. They have this big and comfortable sofa and a TV that make us like to sit there for hours, just talk about nothing and everything.

It’s a nice place to hang out and me & my friends like to called it Central Perk…you know, the café in the famous TV series, Friends.

Anyway, when I heard about the little café, Waroengkoe, from Mayne, I decided to give it a try.

I mean, I just thought it would be nice to try some place new for a change.

So I called Andi & Hendi and told them that we were going to meet in Waroengkoe instead, at 7.30 pm.

Hendi came by the house at 7.00pm & we went straight to the café.

The place wasn’t so hard to find and even before I entered the café (was still in parking), I already fell in love with the place.

It was small but nicely decorated with Javanese style interior, with wooden chairs and painting on the walls and small statues and all other small details.

It was beyond my expectation actually.

So me & Hendi took a seat in the corner and ordered Es Teler & Ice Lemon Tea and French Fries while waiting for Andi to join us.

I couldn’t help admiring the place and thought that the place would be nice for a romantic dinner.

It has this small garden on the front and they put this small wooden table and chair for two.

The café was just by the street but since the garden was covered with trees and plants, it still gave this cozy atmosphere despite the noise of the traffic.

Anyway, the selection of menu is mostly Javanese & Chinese (with Javanese food taste) food and the price is considered really cheap especially looking at this nicely decorated place.

The taste of the food was okay, not excellent, just simply okay but absolutely worth the money.

I said to myself, I would definitely come back here again very soon.

The meeting went well, the three of us engaged in a nice conversation, exchanging information and hopefully everything would work out well soon after this.